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Consent Policy

For patients getting eye examinations and/or requesting services be rendered.

Medical History Form (Electronic)

For patients looking to fast-track their examination time, medical histories may be submitted electronically!

Required For Contact Lens Exams And/Or Materials Contact Lens Policy //

For patients getting contact lens fittings/examinations and/or patients interested in purchasing boxes of contacts

Medicare Beneficiary Notice

For patients using Medicare insurance

Email Authorization Form

For patients looking to receive protected health information (e.g. glasses/contacts prescriptions) through unencrypted email.

Release of Medical Information // [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

For patients looking to send their records to their optical, primary care physician, or other healthcare professional

Privacy & Confidentiality

Our office is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of our patients’ medical information. As obligated by law, our practice also makes every effort to provide notice of our privacy practices.

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